Shave And A Hair Cut, Two Bits….and roughly 90,000 in-store plays a week!

The Hair Cuttery Featured Artist program is in full swing this summer. This month's featured artist, Curb Records pop trio OBB, enjoyed 97,000 in-store plays in the last seven days in 1000 Hair Cuttery locations. How it works: artists submit 3 to 4 songs to be used. They then record answers to written interview questions provided. The answers are used as introductions to the songs. They are then programmed to rotate once an hour in every Hair Cuttery location across the country…for a MONTH. This is a terrific way for major label artists and indies alike to get an enormous amount of exposure quickly. Past featured artists have included Hollywood Records recording artist morgxn, The Rua on FOD Records, indie sensation Rozzi and many more. The big question now is…who is gonna be next? To find out about availabilities, hit up your friends at What's In-Store Music, Bob Catania at or Scott Emerson at



Enjoy OBB on your next salon visit and follow them on:



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