Where Do You Like To Do It?

Where do you like to SHAZAM a song? In a restaurant? In a store? In the mall? In a hotel? The truth is, it's in all of those places. With SHAZAM you can now discover new music wherever you are, and at What's In-Store Music we help make sure that where ever you are, there is new music to discover. By making sure your music is top of mind with programmers through a weekly music meeting, we're able to help our clients reach as many people as possible through in-store play across the country…where everyone is carrying their phone… and where everyone is SHAZAMing. Here are four examples of What's In-Store Music artists who's songs were playing in the right place at the right time when someone SHAZAMed them:

Submit your song today with What's In-Store Music and let us help you get your music in the right place at the right time.

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