Don't Make The Mistake of Thinking The Holiday Season Starts in November

For many of us, the holidays begin on Thanksgiving, for retail, the holidays are already in full swing. You see it everywhere. Along with all of the Halloween decorations, costumes and candy displays filling up the isles in supermarkets, big box stores, shopping malls and more, Thanksgiving items have already staked out major real estate, front and center in many retailers as well…it's September 18th. All of those Holiday displays aren't sitting there for fun, they are attracting shoppers, many of whom are getting an early start on all these items now. If you've got a current release you want to get maximum exposure for heading into the fourth quarter, the time to submit your song is NOW while retail start to pick up. For those of you who have music you want to submit for the What's In-Store Music Holiday Program, it's time to start getting that in as well. Programmers are already preparing their playlists for the busiest shopping season of the year and are ready to accept your song now for inclusion.

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