What's In-Store Music Has Them Dancing In The Dressing Rooms

More and more, in-store music is playing an important part of the retail environment experience. Background music isn't so background any more. Music is playing louder and louder in stores and is easily heard overhead in even the most crowded of malls. Some of the most popular music submitted to us is dance music. Why not? It's up beat, it's fun, you can dance to it, you can sing along with it and best of all you can spend money to it!!! At What's In-store Music we take dance music seriously, so much so we created The Dance Environment to address the demand. If you're out and about and SHAZAM a dance track in a store, odds are pretty good it's a client. Our dedication to this environment caught the attention of DJTimes Magazine who invited us to contribute our picks to their publication every month.

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