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Did you know we publish weekly charts? The What's In-Store Music Charts, Powered by Spectrio, are available exclusively on

They're really easy to find. Just go to the home page ( move your mouse to the right side of the toolbar at the top of the page where it says CHARTS, then click on that to reveal a drop-down menu:

Mediabase Buzz Angle Rate The Music Street Pulse What's In-Store Music Stock Exchange

Once you're on the page you will see we have four featured charts, Currents, Recurrent, The Dance Environment and The Holiday Chart as well as a YTD chart.

The Current Chart- This one consists of the top playing songs from some of the best major label releases along with some of today's most exciting indie artists playing side by side in stores, restaurants and malls thousands of times a week across the country. The Recurrent Chart- After several months, in order to make room for new releases, songs move over to this chart. If you've had a track playing on the current chart and you no longer see it there, jump over to this one to follow the continued progress of your song.

The Dance Environment - This chart consists of a wide variety of songs making up in-store the dance music playlists, highlighting the best of today's, Dance, Trance and EDM releases.

The Holiday Chart - The holiday season is almost upon us which means if you have a holiday record you'd like to promote through in-store music, the time to submit it is NOW. To chart the progress of your holiday song you would refer to this one.

The What's In-Store Music Charts, Powered by Spectrio, available exclusively on, check them out TODAY!!!

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