Out & About: At The New West Coast Sirius/XM Pandora Studios

What's In-Store Music's Bob Catania and wife Karen had the pleasure to hang out at the brand new Sirius/XM Pandora studios that just opened in LA. This amazing complex gives a home for all the west coast talent and an opportunity for the east coast talent and executives to have a place to operate in LA. The studios were incredible and there is a floor dedicated to Howard Stern and a performance space to showcase artists. Our host was Ross Zapin, the SVP of Promotion/Marketing/Talent Relations for the company and running the west coast show. Ross and I worked together for many years at Geffen and I am so proud to see how he has grown into one of the top music executives in the business. The turnout for the party and the incredible food options were a testament to Ross. Here are Bob & Karen along with Ross.

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