Location, Location, Location

We're excited to announce, we've added a new feature to the What's In-Store Music charts. You can now see how many locations your song is playing in. It's a great way to put into perspective just how far reaching our service is and how it can help expose your music. Example: our top 5 songs on this week's chart:

morgxn "A New Way"

  • Last week's spins: 100,302

  • This week's spins: 98,891

  • Locations: 24,621

Gabby Barrett "I Hope"

  • Last week's spins: 85,040

  • This week's spins: 85,562

  • Locations: 21,273

Judah & The Lion "Why Did You Run?"

  • Last week's spins: 79,777

  • This week's spins: 79,129

  • Locations: 24,465

King Deco "Castaway (Don't Leave Me)"

  • Last week's spins: 79,267

  • This week's spins: 78,593

  • Locations: 19,496

ALESSO ft. TINI "Sad Song"

  • Last week's spins: 77,060

  • This week's spins: 76,976

  • Locations: 19,490

Updated every Monday, bookmark The What's In-Store Music Charts: Powered by Spectrio, available exclusively on AllAccess.com.

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