What's In-Store Music: Best Of... Now on Spotify!

What's In-Store Music has been open four and half years now. In that time we've had the pleasure of helping expose some terrific music through in-store play. Throughout the years we've created three Spotify Playlists to showcase some of the best major label and independent artists playing in stores everywhere: What's In-Store Music, showcasing current songs playing in stores, What's In-Store Music: The Dance Environment, featuring today's top dance, trance and EDM songs playing overhead and our popular, What's In-Store Music holiday edition playing all of your holiday favorites in one place. It was only a matter of time before we needed to add a Best Of to the mix and that time is now. Check out the new What's In-Store Music: Best Of on Spotify, featuring some of the best music playing overhead in stores from 2015 to today. Follow us HERE

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