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"Lost To The Night"

"Lost To The Night" is a song about reconciliation - with a family member or loved one, a friend or a partner… The song started with a simple question: "if you had a chance, what would you say to someone you've lost?"

Loss can take so many shapes. I co-wrote and co-produced "Lost To The Night" with Thomas Doeve in Nashville, TN. For him, this was a letter of sorts to his brother, reaching out and hoping for reconciliation in their estranged relationship. For me, the meaning evolved this year in heartbreaking ways, and when I sing it now I can only think of my dear friend Jon who passed away unexpectedly.

My favorite lyric in the song is in the bridge: "Tell me this will heal over time That hope can survive The questions of heaven Lost to the night"

There are so many questions in life, and it can be so difficult to stay hopeful in the face of tragedy, loss, and change. Maybe that's the great challenge, to stay hopeful.


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