2020…We're In The Home Stretch

The Thanksgiving leftovers are finally all gone and that can only mean one thing in the music business, we're entering the home stretch. Holiday music is ramping up as we speak and will soon be the biggest game in town in the overhead music space through the end of the year. Current songs will continue to play but at a much lesser frequency until after the first of the year when they pick back up again. That being the case, Wednesday, December 9th will be our last installment of the What's In-Store Music newsletter for 2020.We will resumepublication on Wednesday, January 6th. Our holiday newsletter will continue to run through Friday, December 18th, with holiday songs continuing to play through the end of the year.

If you have a song you'd like to submit to get started for the new year we will be around to take care of that for you, after all, let's be honest, where are we going right? 😊 If you have something you'd like to submit now just hit the red submit music button to get started.

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