Behind the Song


"Return To Sender"

"I have always had been a HUGE fairytale fan and grew up on tales of magic, prince & princesses and of course, "Happily ever after". Reality proved to be very different. Many years after marrying my "one true love", I discovered that I had been getting cheated on for almost the entire marriage. I was crushed. As I spoke to people about what happened- I saw a trend. It didn't matter how faithful the person was, loving, kind, or even the type of relationship... there were always those that took advantage of others. Working with song writer Greg Critchley and IronGrove Studios, I found a voice to that pain and regret that soo many people around me felt. The true message of "Return to Sender" is that It's okay to be sad for what one has lost, and to want to erase those memories. The pain you feel is real and it hurts badly. Just don't let it stop you from moving on. The best and most important thing you can do, is value and LOVE yourself. If you do this, you will have the strength to find your true happiness in life." - Brandi

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