Hair Cuttery Feature Artist Campaign

We've has been working closely with our partners Spectrio for months to help create a special promotion for one of their clients: The Hair Cuttery Featured Artist. Every month What's in-Store Music is responsible for presenting Hair Cuttery with an up and coming artist to be played once an hour (rotating between 3-4 songs), seven days a week in their 1200 locations across the country. Participation from the artist is very easy, all we ask is they record answers to some simple questions to be used as introductions to the songs playing in the salons. Along with the instore play, The artist's image, as well as links to all their socials, lives on The Hair Cuttery website,, throughout the duration of the promotion.

Hollywood Records recording artist Alt Bloom received over 115,000 plays this week alone as the Hair Cuttery Featured Artist!!! For more information about this amazing opportunity contact Scott or Bob (, For More On Alt Bloom:

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