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Girls in Salons With Cell Phones

Last week we introduced a lot of you to the Hair Cuttery Featured Artist, program, an amazing opportunity for your priority artist to get their music played (3 -4 songs rotating) once an hour in 1,100 Hair Cuttery locations across the country for a month!!! One of the biggest benefits of this program is the fact that the music is playing overhead to a captive audience…an audience made up mostly of girls armed with their cell phones. According to the manager of our last HC Featured Artist, Erin Bowman, they are using those cell phones to Shazam songs!!! "The Hair Cuttery campaign impacted Shazam activity on all four tracks from the first day to the very last day!" - John Weston

The above graph depicts the SHAZAM activity of the four songs the Erin Bowman camp submitted to the Hair Cuttery program. It shows the spikes throughout the program and how they taper off once it ended (mid-February). Weekly spins in the program have been averaging over 110,000 a week. We like to say here at What's In-Store Music, "someone heard it". To learn more about the Hair Cuttery Featured Artist campaign, see our ad below.

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