What's In-Store Music Is Everywhere!

The news is encouraging. Parts of the country are starting to re-open, people are slowly making their way out into the world and as they do, What's in-Store Music songs are playing, welcoming them back. Of course, our music has been heard all along in essential businesses all over the country from grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and more. Now that more shops are welcoming customers back, the first thing they're treated to as they are walking in the door is today's best music playing overhead bringing some much needed normalcy in an otherwise not so normal time. Eager shoppers will have their phones in hand with SHAZAM at the ready to capture that cool new song they're hearing while they wait to check out. If you'd like THAT song to be YOUR song, then you need to submit it to with What's In-Store Music and let us do the rest.

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