The Wailers are #1!!!

What's In-Store Music is excited to see "One World One Prayer" move to the top of our chart just as summer is starting. This beautiful song by the legends, The Wailers also features Shaggy; Farruko; Skip Marley; and Cedella Marley and offers up a positive and uplifting message that we all need to hear during these times. The lyrics speak for themselves:

One world One prayer It doesn't matter what you believe Some things have to change

One world One prayer (one prayer) Give me, give me, give me some love Forget about the hate

When you wake up you look Look yourself in the mirror Doesn't matter who are you or where you come from Man I will, man, no worry, no fear

Full of surprises Life can change in a minute (today) Give a hug, give a kiss to the one that you love 'Cause the world turns one way, just one way (why?)

Why people see what they wanna see? (Why?) Why people hear what they wanna hear? (Why?) Why people feel what they wanna feel? The blue sky covers us like a single skin (why?)

Why people see what they wanna see? (Why?) Why people… We depend on incredible artists to step up with messages of love and peace in difficult times and are proud that we are able to expose this song to a huge audience on a daily basis.

Check out the video here!

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