What's In-Store Music = Guaranteed Exposure

The music industry is adapting to the new realities of marketing music in the Pandemic era. We have seen the live touring industry come to a halt; music clubs have been shut down; radio station visits and events to promote new artists are no longer viable; and even the ability to create content is hampered by recording and video studios on pause. The motto of What's In-Store Music has always been, "It's All About Impressions" and with 100% of the stores that our partners at Spectrio work with open, we can offer guaranteed exposure for your priority music in thousands of outlets across the country. Follow this link to our charts, published weekly on AllAccess.com, and see for yourself how many great new songs are benefiting from in store airplay. In store music, an essential component to any marketing plan, is one of the most effective ways to connect the dots between your radio, TV sync, and video campaigns. Millions of consumers walk into stores and restaurants each week, phone in hand, they hear that song, tap SHAZAM and, just like that, you have a new fan. Over the years we've worked thousands of songs where this added exposure has been felt by fans, curious consumers, radio programmers as well as the artists themselves. At What's In-Store Music we only accept projects approved by our programming partners Spectrio, insuring your song guaranteed exposure once we get the green light. If you'd like to promote your priority music through in store play, submit it with us HERE today!!!

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