Behind the Song

Olivia Rox

"Shooting Star"

"Shooting Star" is an inspirational song about going for your dreams, against all odds. I think this is the kind of feel-good anthem that our world desperately needs right now, It's truly a song for anyone needing that little boost of inspiration to get them through the day. I wrote it during a time when it felt like the entire world was against me, which ultimately made me take matters into my own hands and just be myself, not what other people wanted me to be. So, I penned it as a sort of anthem for myself, a promise that, no matter what the world threw my way, nothing would stop me. Which can be felt in my lyrics, "Even if you try and slow me down, you know that it won't stop me now, cuz I already know just who I am". And the song did just that for me, I navigated those "no's" and found the people that believed in my songs wholeheartedly - and I'm so grateful that I kept going after my dreams, because here I am, now 21, finally starting to reach them. I hope this song is as powerful for the listener as it was for me writing it. So from one fellow dreamer to another, keep dreaming and making those dreams a reality. We shouldn't give up just because the world is beating us down. Stay strong, stay passionate, keep soaring. If you know who you want to be in life, nothing can stop you. I hope you will sing it loud, "You can't stop me, I'm a Shooting Star!" - Olivia Rox

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