Olivia Rox With What's In-Store Music!!!

Olivia Rox With What's In-Store Music!!!

What's In-Store Music provides an opportunity for both independent and major label artists to promote their music by getting it played overhead in thousands of retail locations each week across the country. We could talk about it with you until we're blue in the face, but sometimes it's best to let our clients tell you. This week we've included a recent Instagram post from Songbird Recording Artist Olivia Rox.

"It's pretty wild to know my songs are playing around the world - and sometimes even more crazy to walk into a local store and hear it playing!!! Some places my friends have heard my music in the past few weeks…Subway, Gas Stations, Shopping Malls - just to name a few. Have you heard my songs playing out in the world yet?" - Olivia Rox

Olivia's new song Shooting Star (added to our program on 6/15/20) is currently at #58 on the What's In-Store Music Charts with 45,168 instore plays last week.

Keep an ear out for Shooting Star playing overhead in stores:

For More On Olivia: Website Facebook Twitter Instagram If you'd like your music heard overhead in thousands of retail locations each week, submit it with What's In-Store Music today!!!

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