Behind the Song

Nicole Markson

"Hold On"

"A true Labor of love born out of a dream I had, where I kept hearing the words “Hold On” over and over again while I was sleeping. I awakened that morning, knowing I was meant to write this song as a lifeline to help people going through life-altering events, and the severe hard times we are experiencing today. I thought, the world is in a fragile place, and people need hope and faith now more than ever before. If I could just get this message to them… “Hold On”, “Hold On”… Songs have the magical power to transcend the spoken word, change, and even save people’s lives. “Hold On” evolved from a small songwriting session into a huge collaboration, at a time when we were all distanced from one another due to the Corona Virus. We made the impossible possible, assembling so many people who contributed to the song in so many ways, which speaks to the power of the recording. I was fortunate to work with so many talented people on this record starting with Grammy Winning producer Dave Aude, Songwriters David Quinones (America’s Got Talent/Beyonce/Demi Lovato) and recording artist/songwriter Sisely Treasure. There were over 26 voices of other singer/songwriters who generously contributed their voices including a 19 person choir (Out For Souls) led by Cedric P. Sesely. I wanted people to feel the integrity of the message with the might and vibration of all these voices. As a Breast Cancer survivor, I know firsthand the resilience and belief needed to get through life’s darker moments. Because of what I went through, I feel it is my mission to use music, message, and my story to inspire, lift, and empower people to never give up, and never give in. I want people to feel they have a friend in me, and know that I understand how they are feeling. “Hold on” is meant to give relief. It’s a song that allows you to get out of your head, dance, and let go for a minute. It’s a reminder that we have the inner strength to overcome anything and come out stronger on the other side. It is my hope to make a difference in the world, by encouraging people to tap into their greatness, their potential, and to keep going no matter what, and Always Live Your Dream." - Nicole

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