I'm going to the store, I'll be right back.

Be honest, these days where else are you going? What has "going to the store" meant over these past several months? The answer, probably more than you think. The grocery store and pharmacy naturally come to mind, but that's just the beginning. Millions of Americans suddenly forced to work from home have flocked to furniture stores to outfit their new home offices followed naturally by increased traffic in office supply stores. Home improvement centers of all kinds have seen an increase in traffic as people are spending more time doing DYI projects around the house and fixing up their back yards. Outlet malls have seen increased traffic over the past several weeks as August sales entice shoppers back inside. Gas stations, hardware stores, convenience stores, phone stores, big box/appliance stores, fast food restaurants, car dealers, pool supply stores, sporting goods stores have all remained essential to daily life. This wide variety of locations presents so many different opportunities to hear music playing overhead. Luckily What's In-Store Music can be heard in all of these types of places in thousands of locations. If you'd like your priority music played where the audience is, then these days, it's most likely going be in a store and there's no company to help you do that than What's In-Store Music. Submit your song today!!!

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