(Retro) Out & About Shania Twain

In September of 2017, Shania Twain released her first new album in 15 years with "Now." We were honored to work with Greg Thompson and his team at Maverick along with the folks at Mercury Nashville on the lead single, "Life's About To Get Good" which became an immediate success with all our stores and supported the efforts at radio. We had a chance to attend a listening party in LA with all key media in attendance to preview the album and have a chance to meet Shania. The event was a beautiful affair and Scott & Bob were happy to have an event where our wives would really enjoy a classy evening that was provided. (L-R): Scott & Monica…Shania…Karen and Bob plus our dear friend Sam Kaiser. It did not go unnoticed that our wives made sure were we NOT standing next to Shania!!

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