Behind the Song

Ananya Birla

"Let There Be Love"

The song Let there be Love is my first independent international single release. It has been a beautiful yet scary journey, but I felt it was the right move in my music career. I have recorded over 200 songs so far, but none of them felt like the right one to go out with as the first. During the lockdown, I got the chance to record over and over in my makeshift home studio and write my heart out without the care of deadlines or fear of mistakes. This allowed me a lot of freedom to experiment. When I recorded Let there be Love it just all clicked and I instantly knew this was going to be my first release. The message that the song has is apt for the current situation in the world, because love is an emotion that is going to take us forward in these difficult times. It's what has worked for me personally in life, without the love and support of my family, friends, and my fans I would be lost. This pandemic has also taught me that ultimately it is the love that makes everything right. I hope when audiences listen to my song they can resonate with this message and get a glimpse of what's in my heart, and even if for a brief period, if I can take their mind off from their current situation, I would consider it to be a win. A big thank you to my management, my team, and family whose immense support has helped me reach where I am today. This is only the first song from what we have in store for you in the upcoming months. Let there be Love has a catchy dance vibe, which I feel was really important for me to spread a bit of hopefulness and joy through my work. I am so grateful to have lovely partners on board and with this global release, I am looking forward to making India proud on an international level. Stay tuned! - Ananya Birla

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