Behind the Song

Random Acts of Kindness “Healthcare Workers Rock!”

"Working ‘round the clock, strong and courageous, never gonna stop – the lyrics of pop/rock anthem “Healthcare Workers Rock!” were written for healthcare workers, from a first person perspective. The song’s mission is to honor healthcare workers who put their lives on the line each and every day to help others. “Healthcare Workers Rock!” is performed by Random Acts of Kindness, a collection of musicians (Random Acts) pulled together with the goal of having a positive impact on the world through music. “Healthcare workers should feel proud and get the recognition they deserve,” says Ken Freirich, “Healthcare Workers Rock!” songwriter and producer, and CEO of Health Monitor Network. “I wanted to give them something to rally around as they work through difficult days and nights.” The accompanying video, featuring healthcare workers and people honoring them, will premiere later this month. Freirich, a passionate drummer at heart, felt a "calling" and was compelled to take action after watching colleagues’ family members pass away, others contracting COVID-19, and seeing healthcare workers in desperate need of resources. He plans on donating a portion of the merchandise proceeds and his own personal funds to COVID-19 charities."

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