Matt Pinfield Memoir Now Available in Paperback

We are not the NY Times with book recommendations, but we do like to highlight books written by our industry friends. I had the pleasure of meeting Matt Pinfield in his early radio days at WHTG in Eatontown NJ. The station was incredible and exposing all kinds of great new music. Matt, along with Mike Marrone; Rich Robinson; Chopper and so many others made this a hugely important station to the music industry. Matt's career after WHTG is legendary in terms of the places he went to and the impact he had in all those places. Matt is well loved by all the artists he has worked with and is an encyclopedia of music knowledge….he is a beloved industry icon. I ran into Matt many years ago when my daughter was a teenager…we chatted a bit and I introduced them. After we walked away, my daughter said… "Wow, you know Matt Pinfield…you are really cool!" This book was released in hardcover back in 2016 but now available in paperback and well worth the read.

Order from Amazon here!

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