(Retro) Out & About - Adam Lambert

This week we go back to a more simple time in our history….all the way back to September of last year….to a listening party for the new Adam Lambert EP; "Velvet". The event was held in a studio on the lot of the Jim Henson Studios… the former home of A&M records where a young Scott Emerson began his career!! Scott pointed out his old office and it was truly magical to walk the legendary grounds of this historic site. Steve Resnik of RAMP was in attendance and as a long timer at A&M told us about a lot of the history that each building on the lot comprised. Adam was a tremendous host and walked all us through each track on the EP and how they came about and what they meant to him. The lead single from the EP, "Superpower" jumped out at us and thanks to the folks at Empire became a big hit in our system. Adam couldn't have been any nicer and Scott & I had a great chat with him after the event.

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