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One of the most satisfying parts of What's In-Store Music for us is the fact, that through in store play, we are able to provide a cost effective platform for independent artists to be heard alongside some of today's biggest stars. One of the basic reasons this is so effective is the simple fact that all songs are played during the day while customers are out and about, increasing the likelihood of being heard. We could keep writing here telling you what a great service we have but instead we'll let Pat O'Connor, President and CEO of POC Media and manager of Indie artist, Devon, share his experience with you. "What's In-Store Music has been the tipping point for our work with the artist, Devon. Having landed a few television syncs, and some Spotify playlist adds, Devon reached out to What's In-Store Music for some instore play. The result was a ton of Shazams, leading to placement on release day on Apple Music's "New In Pop" & Spotify's "Women In Pop" playlists. Devon now has more than 100K streams across the DSP platforms, is being casted for upcoming modeling gigs, and her debut EP through AWAL is slated to drop on October 2, 2020. As an entrepreneur, working with limited budgets to compete for the attention of music fans, I'm sold on What's In-Store Music . . . it's an integral element of our marketing arsenal and the best bang-for-the-buck out there in terms of non-traditional marketing exposure in the retail space. Bob & Scott ROCK!!!" - Pat O'Connor: President/CEO of POC Media, Inc.

Pat seems pleased to be working with What's In-Store Music. Be Like Pat and submit your song today!!!

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