What's In-Store Music The Difference Between Right And Wrong

You only get one chance to make a first impression. This is true in life and certainly true in the retail space. At What's In-Store Music we understand when one walks into a store, you will notice pretty quickly if the music playing overhead is appealing to you and even more so if it's not. The wrong music can literally send you to the exits and quite possibly turn you off from the idea of ever returning. A recent study about in store music showed:

1) When music I appreciate is played in a public place, it can make me… 35% Stay Longer 31% Re-Visit 21% Recommend The Place to Others 14% Buy More 2) The Wrong Music Can Make Me… 44% Leave 38% Not Come Back 36% Buy Less 25% Recommend Others Not To Visit The Business

Restaurants, retailers, and service businesses all rely on overhead music to help create an experience enjoyable to their target audience. During our weekly music meeting with the programmers at Spectrio, we meticulously go over every song we submit, recommending formats, genres, and styles for each, helping to ensure they are only programmed and playing in the spaces that best fit the environment the client is looking for. If you'd like your music played overhead in the right environment in thousands of retailers across the country submit it with What's In-Store Music today.

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