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Behind the Song

Rozzi “Best Friend Song”

wrote "Best Friend Song" about my actual best friend Tatti when she moved out of our apartment. We were sad - it was the end of an era! The song was meant to lighten the mood and make us laugh - I really never thought I'd release it - it was just for her. But when I started singing it on tour, it felt different from the rest of my songs. The audience would listen more, take more videos, and come up to me after to tell me how much it reminded them of their best friends. Every lyric is an inside joke for Tat - it's all real - and I think people can feel that. I think it makes them think of the best friends in their life, especially now when many of us are separated from our friends. My hope is that "Best Friend Song" makes people feel just a little bit more connected to the people they miss and love." - Rozzi

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