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What's In-Store Music was conceived in 2014 during an independent radio campaign for a talented young Hawaiian singer named Leihoku, run by founding partner Scott Emerson. As part of a Northern California radio promo tour, the two (plus a guitarist) made a stop at Retail Radio in Sacramento. It was your typical radio visit, conference room performance, liners, photos, etc. The programming team was impressed and said they'd add her song to their system. Shortly after that visit, something started to happen. Leihoku started receiving posts on her social media from people around the country telling her they had heard her song and how much they loved it. The interesting part was that these messages were coming from cities with no radio airplay. People weren't discovering it on the radio, they were hearing it in stores and restaurants, lots of them. Large markets, small markets, and everywhere in between, people were finding her music for the first time and it was all because of in store play. The response was so overwhelming that Scott decided to shift from his 25 year radio promotion career and concentrate exclusively on in store play. Bob Catania joined shortly thereafter and the rest as they say is history. Since that first time in 2014, What's In-Store Music has heard hundreds of stories just like the one above. Whenever we meet a client face to face for the first time, the very first thing they do is start sharing stories of how their friends and fans send them videos of themselves with their song playing overhead in a store. It never changes and it never gets old. We all know how expensive radio campaigns can be and especially at the indie level, how limiting they can be in terms of stations actually willing and able to take a chance on an unknown artist. A What's In-Store Music campaign eliminates those barriers. Unencumbered by corporate restrictions and red tape, In store play provides an opportunity for indie acts to be heard side by side along with today's biggest artists at a price that fits any budget. Sound interesting? Submit your song with us today!

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