Behind the Song

Dynamyte “Headspace”

"Headspace is about me not letting anyone change my positive state of mind. I'm a really bubbly, high energy person, and sometimes there are people who see that happiness and want to break it. Headspace is about me living my life as always and working toward my goals while someone spends all of their time and energy talking about me negatively to try to make themselves feel better. "Why am I in your headspace? Is there not a better use for your brain?...It seems like your favorite word is my name. Really don't know why, cuz you're not in my headspace" I'm focusing on me while they're also focused...on me! I can only feel sorry for them and hope they heal the root cause of all of that bitterness & angst. Then they can spend all that time they spend thinking about me thinking about themselves and their own goals." - Dynamyte

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