Behind the Song

David Britton "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch"

"Many folks are familiar with the original 1966 version of this song by Thurl Ravenscroft, and I've always enjoyed trying my best to imitate him, not that anyone can really do his voice justice! (Incidentally, he was also the voice of Tony the Tiger!). And the song itself captures an image of this really terrible Grinch character, and it has also however, caused me some literal pain! The way the recording came about, is, whenever I do a Christmas show, I like to include a part of the show with some audience interaction, with some sing-alongs, and other bits of goofiness, mostly as a break from the big songs, and to offer some comic relief. So when I was putting together a show a couple of years ago, we decided we needed to have a moment of complete absurdity and created this bluesy-jazz version of the Grinch. And in the show I threw on a terrible Christmas Grinch sweater complete with green fur, and stomped around the stage harassing the band. It turned out to be one of the audience favorites, so we decided we needed to record it. Incidentally In one of the subsequent shows the following year, in the middle of the Grinch song, I decided to run into the audience to harass them, and I slipped and completely wiped out - severely dislocating my shoulder! I was able to finish the concert (in fairly significant pain), and ended up requiring surgery, so the Grinch certainly showed up that night!! There is a bit of an "Easter Egg" in the last verse, where I decided to quote my daughter who was feeling carsick on one of our car trips, and she yelled out, "I feel vominating!". So I figured that went well with the "nauseating" verse of the Grinch, and added that as an homage to my girl." - David Britton

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