A Legend Gone…A Tribute to Herb Rosen

Herb Rosen was the most important person in my life in the music business and I am saddened to learn that Herbie passed away. His passing leaves a huge hole in my heart and has unleashed endless memories of this man I loved so much. I don't remember the exact day I met Herb, but I just remember that one day he showed up at the Island office to see Phil Q and he came into my office, introduced himself; we chatted for a bit; he then told me a bad joke and then went down the hall. I found out that Herb was a local legend in NYC working for various labels and was now an independent promoter for the NY market. Herbie knew EVERYONE and had done EVERYTHING in the music biz. He was a mix of intellectual genius and street smarts like I had never encountered. I am not sure why, but he took me under his wing and without his advice and support I never would have made it in the business without losing my mind. He was my music business "dad" and he was the 1st person I went to with any problem. He always had a calming effect on me and great guidance on any issue I had. We began a ritual that went on forever…we'd have breakfast at the Cosmic Café at least one a week (the picture below is at the 2nd Cosmic after it moved) and he never let me pick up the check!! Those breakfasts are still among my most favorite memories….we talked business and life. I was getting a Master Class before that was a thing. I spoke to Herb a couple of months ago and I know it was tough for him being isolated during the pandemic. He talked about some of the other old timers he knew; made sure I was doing well; and asked about Karen & the kids. His voice had gotten very raspy over the years and it was sometimes hard to catch what he was saying but it was so great to just catch up with him. I owed him a call that I now won't get to make and that saddens me. I send my love to his kids; Julie; Rob; and Matt….they were family through my relationship with Herb. They have lost a great father who is now with his wife Toby in heaven. The next time I'm in NYC I will go to the Cosmic and toast the incredible life that Herbie lived and be thankful I had him in my life for so many years.

- Bob

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