All Things Are Not Created Equal

Based on several recent conversations, we feel we need to clarify things for folks. We often get questions about formats for songs, and we want to clear up some misconceptions about them. For this conversation, we will use the country format to make our point, that not all things are equal. We often get asked, how many stores play country and how many plays per week can we expect? This question suggests that if one submits a country song with us that it will automatically get played in every place that plays country and that every store would automatically play the song the same number of times. A recent potential client compared what we do to radio syndication where you can do simple math to figure out how many plays one will receive per week. In-store play isn't like that at all. Let's compare it to radio. When a country song comes out, does everyone on the country panel automatically add it and play it the same number of times? No of course not. If that were the case, what would we need promotion people for? One could simply mail it to them, and their job would be done. Stations are different. They have different criteria for adding songs. They have a certain sound they're their listeners expect. The same goes for retailers. They have a certain environment they are trying to create for their business. Some play nothing but country songs, but not all the same kind. Most retailers who play country prefer to play, polished pop-leaning country hits. Some just want male vocals, others just female vocals, and still others may only want traditional sounding country songs, with lots of twanging. Many places only play country as a percentage of their in-store playlists. Many places mix it with top 40 music, others mix it with classic rock. That being the case, it's unlikely that a single song would be played in every location that plays country. The job of the programming team is to create the desired environment for every client they have. This is why tags are so important. It's the best way to make sure each environment has the desired music every day. This same logic is applied to every format. We hope that clears things up for everyone. If you've got something you'd like to submit, you can do it right HERE.

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