Another Legend Gone Too Soon

What's In-Store Music was saddened to hear of the passing of legendary music executive Russ Thyret. I never had the chance to work for Russ, but every person I knew who worked for him at Warner Brothers spoke of him in almost mythical terms. He was a brilliant promotion executive who took that success to the highest level and became one of the overall top executives at Warner Brothers. WB was always known as one of the best labels to work for and it was executives like Russ that made that happen. My good friend Steve Tipp who worked with Russ for many years shared his thoughts on Facebook: "Russ Thyret was the best leader I ever had the honor to work beneath. What a special special man. I love thinking of him singing Wilbury songs. Saying all his crazy sayings, slamming his fist on the counter in the conference room/call. But what a heart. Craig Kostich, Tom Draper, Rich Fitzgerald, Howie Klein. What a life to have worked for such wonderful people and all who surrounded side by side. God bless the greatest of them all Russ Thyret. "r" was his sounding cry. While he was instrumental in the signing of Prince, there is barely a successful Warner Bros. Records megastar he wasn't instrumental in their success. When you were near him it was like being near any superstar, you could feel his charisma. May his memory be a blessing."

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