Behind the Song


"Come Summer"

When I started writing "Come Summer" I had no idea what the coming year would hold. I started writing the song last year, mid move between Nashville to Los Angeles, sitting in my mostly empty new living room. The song has found new and an even more profound meaning as this year has unfolded, and it felt right to release it now.

It's a song asking questions - when will the ease of life

It's a song written out of questions and uncertainty about what the future holds…acknowledging that there is a time for every season - even the hard ones, but remembering that nothing lasts forever, and summer will come again. There will be an end to the questions. Some of my favorite lyrics I've written are tucked into this pop song.

"For every heart in wait, and every hope unmade,

There's a time for every season, and every change

For every heart in wait, there will be a day

There's a time for every answer, and every season's change

When the summer comes again"

I hope however this song finds you, it leaves you hopeful and remembering that every season in life as it does in nature, serves to create room for new growth. There is a time for every season.


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