Behind the Song

Angela Predhomme

"Macho Heart of Gold"

"Out of all of my songs, 'Macho Heart of Gold' was one of the easiest to write because I'm lucky enough to live it every single day. The subject was right in front of me! 'Macho Heart of Gold' is about the man in my life, and how I've come to appreciate this quiet but strong type of guy. The lyrics came so easily because I wasn't telling a story; I was just telling the truth. The song is about a man who's a good soul - kind hearted, generous, and just an all-around great guy. He's not one to sit around and talk at length about his feelings, though. He just gets things done and takes care of what needs to be taken care of - very "macho" in a way. No mushy stuff. This song was a collaboration with producer Dan Scholes. Dan created the tracks and had a verse melody idea, and then I came up with the lyrics and the rest of the melody." - Angela Predhomme

Stream the Song Here!

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