Behind the Song

Tara Macri

"Waking Up in California"

"'Waking Up in California' song idea started out early in the pandemic (early 2020) as a completely different song title and idea called 'California Sober'. Around that time Demi Lovato had just released a song with that exact title but a completely different idea a couple months before. Even though my song had a completely different message I felt I should dig deeper into the idea and see where it might take me. Interestingly the words 'Waking up in California' were already in the chorus so we just moved a few things around lyrically to make it work. This song fuels me in the fact that win or lose, we need to roll the top down on our doubts, put a little caution to the wind and go for our dreams." - Tara Macri

Stream the Song Here!

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