Behind the Song

Kendra Erika

"Come and Get It"

"We're coming out of a time where we've all felt controlled and influenced to do something that felt unnatural to us, which is to live within a box, when we all need to live freely to seize opportunity. 'Come And Get It' is that powerhouse statement saying to strip any oppressive forces away and to not be dependent on anything or anyone to make our decisions. If you want life, come and get it. Go with your heart, spread your wings from the Rapture, and live high up in the clouds!" - Kendra Erika Disco Fries Remix: "Come and Get It" (Disco Fries Remix) is a new take on Kendra's third single of the year that is sure to satisfy her growing fanbase of dance and electropop enthusiasts. Disco Fries puts their signature 'dancefloor banger' twist on the song, taking Kendra's already powerful record to an entirely new level with a pulsating groove and soaring production that wouldn't sound out of place blasting through the PA at a major music festival. While comparisons could be made to singers like Lana Del Rey, Ellie Goulding and Kate Bush, Kendra's unique vocal style gives the song a fearless sonic perspective all its own. You can stream "Come and Get It" (Disco Fries Remix) here.

Stream the Song Here!

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