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"Jingo Jango (2022 Remix)"

''Jingo Jango was originally released by Bert Kaempfert in 1963 and it's been a Christmas favorite in my family since then, back when I was very young. It was heard on Houston terrestrial radio through the early 1990s, but like many instrumental tracks it disappeared from Christmas spin lists a few years later.

My original version of Jingo Jango was featured on my Christmas Album "Distant Christmas" in 2017; however, despite my desire to further refine that track, my deadline to release the album to my label prevented such embellishments. Musicians including myself tend to have a critical ear to past recordings even though most casual listeners don't discern the details quite as much. So, earlier this year I set out to update/remix Jingo Jango, and this new track was released in September.

The main differences were replacing a (synthesized) horn section in the mid-section with a Hammond/Leslie organ for an instrument change up (but also to keep a bit of a retro vibe there). The rhythm and bass tracks were modified as well along with arrangement tweaks.

I hope you recall this Christmas classic and enjoy my arrangement and performance of Jingo Jango (2022 Remix). Peace and Merry Christmas to everyone!''

- Antherius

Listen Here!

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