Behind the Song

Gabriella Rose

"Deadbeat Disco"

"While writing Deadbeat Disco, I listened to a lot of 50s and 60s melodies about love, life and heartbreak. There's something so poignant and earnest about the lyrics of those ballads which really stuck out to me. Conveying that nostalgia of the era was an important aspect of this track. Also, making the song was definitely a cathartic experience. The message is about learning to let go of toxic relationships, and embracing the independence and freedom that comes when you choose to prioritize your mental health and happiness. I found myself stuck in this rut of constant self-loathing, pain and bitterness, and one day I realized that I had lost parts of myself I had previously taken for granted. However, there comes a time when you realize you simply have to move on with your life. Additionally, it was such a great experience collaborating with producer Jeffery David, who brought the track to life with a beautiful array of instrumentals, layered harmonies, and classic reverb. I'm so excited to share this track, and I hope you love it as much as I do." - Gabriella Rose

Stream the Song Here!

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