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Behind the Song

Linda Imperial

"Christmas, You & Me"

"I love the holidays and Christmas is one of my favorites. It's such a special time of the year - a time where, all over the globe, there's merriment and good cheer. People actually try to reflect on peace, love and goodwill. So the holidays were coming up and I heard this melody in my head and thought how lovely it is to share moments with that special person in your life. Then the words came - I sang it to Joel Jaffe, my producer and songwriting partner. He loved it, made some changes, added his music magic with his guitar and with the support from some of my San Francisco Bay area musician friends "Christmas You and Me" became our first song together." The track also features piano by Eamonn Flynn, drummer Ed McClary and bass player Marc Levine.

- Linda Imperial

Listen Here!

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