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Behind the Song

Liz Kennedy

"Snowman Moon (A Christmas Crime)"

"I thought I would never ever write a Christmas song. But the thought of writing one percolated after someone suggested it. Then, while writing a song about meeting someone at a party, I thought, aha, a Christmas party! Why not? Winter. Snow. (I've never had a white Christmas, so I went for it in the song)! My first husband was generally known to be a curmudgeon. However, when it came to Christmas, he was impossibly positive. What interested me was that he always said he believed in Christmas. He really did. Long after our kids were resistant teenagers. That was a big influence in the song. Magical belief. However, the guy in the song is, in my head as I was writing, my second husband who always wore Christmas bowties, was 6'4" and someone you could always see coming towards you through a crowd. And he was quite ebullient. Another ingredient I sprinkled in is my own history of sensing that something important is about to happen. Lastly, I liked playing with the words "taken by you" which is actually the "crime" referred to in the song."

- Liz Kennedy

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