Behind the Song

Tiarra Girls "Can't Stop The World"

"Covering the Go-Go's song "Can't Stop The World" was an empowering act of expressing our awareness of the world. As a band that advocates through music, it was interesting to know that we could sing these words to empower ourselves in a political way, direct them at the universe, or even a single person that has tried to knock us down. As we've stepped our way onto the brink of adulthood in a world that gets crazier by the day, we've had to step back and understand that we aren't meant to fight with the world. Covering "Can't Stop The World" has been a reminder to us that we have more control over our own destinies than we think, that it's okay to surrender to our individual ambitions, not others' projections of us. If we can't stop the world, why should we let it stop us?" - The Tiarra Girls

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