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Behind the Song

Kelsey Coleman

"Break Mine"

"I've always loved music more than anything. It speaks to me in a different way. Once I wrote my first song I never turned back. I write from the heart, and let my songs speak for how I feel at any given moment in time. How the song and video 'Break Mine' came to be: I was in a relationship that just was not working out as well as we both wanted. At the time, I'd never broken up with someone and it cut me to the core. I didn't want to cause pain to someone I loved and that's why I wrote Break Mine. 'Say you don't love me, Say you don't need me , Cause I can't break your heart , So break mine." The chorus says it all… It's a different twist on a broken heart song. In "Break Mine," I suggest that I don't want to break 'your heart, so break mine instead.' I hope people can find solace in needing to put themself over someone else even though it can be painful. "Break Mine" was co-written and produced by Kelsey with Rob Grimaldi (Blackpink, Monsta X, R3hab, & Noah Cyrus). Music video directed by renowned fashion videographer Daniella Federici (Prince, Alicia Keys).

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