Behind the Song

Brooke Josephson


"Rainbow was inspired by a day when I picked my daughter up from school and she seemed down but was trying to pretend she was fine, so when I asked her if something happened that day, her best friend at the time had told her to "find new friends" and she was absolutely devastated. So I shared with her a story of when my youngest brother came home from school and his best friend had told him he smiled too much and was queer. Her jaw dropped because her Uncle has the most beautiful infectious smile than is contagious. She asked me, "What did he do?" I told her he said, "well then don't look at me," which made her laugh between the tears. After I put her to bed that night, I had a hard time falling asleep thinking about how painful her day had been getting dumped by her best friend and started writing the lyrics for Rainbow. As I was writing, the lyric from an old Harry Chapin song popped into my head, "There's so many colors in the rainbow, so many colors in the morning sun, so many colors in the flowers, and I see everyone." I just ran with that imagery and the lyrics, "there's no shame in shining when they rain on your parade" flew off my pen. My hope is that this song is healing and empowering to all, to take pride in who you are especially after the past year.  The world is beyond beautiful when we embrace our rainbow of differences." - Brooke Josephson

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