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Evaride "Warrior"

We are so excited to tell the story behind our song "Warrior"! Many times when we write songs it may take months to finish it to where we feel it is done. "Warrior" on the other hand is one of those tracks that just came together like the planets aligning! We wrote the song during our first New York City trip as a band. We had the pleasure of working with producer Gregg Wattenberg at his studio right in times square. Believe it or not, "Warrior" only took 2 days to write and record! It is one of the records that we wrote as we recorded it. We started with acoustic guitars as we normally do and came up with the progression. Sean started singing melody ideas and eventually we all settled on a rough melody. We then tracked drums and Hayden played down rough guitars. Lyrically we had always wanted an anthem that would not only pay tribute to sports and our military but also to the everyday warrior. The people who rise up no matter how small the triumph and consistently change the world for the better. We stared the song with "Black and blue got the scars to prove but there aint no shame in the pain" to paint the picture and inspire what it takes to be a warrior. A warrior is fearless and "never turns and walks away". We tried to capture and inspire that feeling to the listener and ask them "Whatcha gonna do when the lights on you?". The goal being to again inspire anyone who listens to just be genuine, but to overcome adversity no matter the circumstances. Also to think of others and "pick them up when they are down"! After we solidified the lyrics we then tracked all the vocals and remaining guitars on the second day. When we played it back the first time, we knew we had something special. Not only that but we had the most amazing mixer to make it even better, Chris Lord Alge. Upon release of "Warrior" to our surprise we landed "New Music Friday" on Spotify. People started to listen and apparently so did Music Supervisors because three months later it was synced for NBC "World of Dance" as well as NBC "The Titan Games" where The Rock personally endorsed the song for us. It was a surreal moment! When quarantine hit because of Covid-19 everything came to a halt. We continued to write new music and play live at drive in concerts when we could. It was tough but we just kept pushing any way we could. In December 2020, we received the word that The Olympics wanted "Warrior" as music for the Summer and Winter Olympics. We were in shock! Such an amazing achievement, but more importantly a huge honor that something we wrote was to be used for something of this capacity. Flash forward to now, the song is being used in numerous markets in the US for the Olympics. We are so thankful the song found its home and that people feel the song the way we did and continue to listen to it. We plan to keep pushing and writing amazing music! We are so thankful to our fans and the people who believe in us - we couldn't have done it without them. So THANK YOU and lets all "Rise up from the ashes like a Warrior!". - Evaride

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