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Behind the Song

Jocelyn & Chris

"Sugar and Spice"

“We want this song to help people figure out just how loud their stereo can go. It’s just got a great groove - once Chris came up with that guitar lick, we took that funky, retro feel and ran with it. Chris and I write all of our music together as a brother-sister team; I generally handle the lyrics and the melody, while Chris writes the song structure, the musical underpinnings, everything that holds the song together. For this one, that riff was giving me this feeling of pushing and pulling, back and forth, like a tug of war. And then I started thinking about how that dynamic can sometimes play out in relationships - two people with undeniable chemistry and obvious differences, trying to make things work. “Sugar and spice, it would be nice if we could agree…” - Jocelyn

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