Behind the Song

Ships Have Sailed

"Take My Money"

"As an independent artist you have to learn to do a lot of different things for yourself, and one of those is marketing. I was digging in to that topic and the more I learned, the more creeped out I became – our devices are always around us – in a pocket, on a side-table next to us while we sleep, and even when we’re not actively using them (which let’s face it, we’re usually glued these days) they’re still tracking, listening and harvesting data, only to use it in order to, well, ‘take our money’. Have you ever had a conversation about needing new socks and the next time you opened your phone you’re bombarded by sock ads? I was thinking about this and realizing how ironic it is that these tiny computers that are supposed to enable efficiency and access to information are also allowing big companies continuous access to personal information about us when this little chanty phrase started repeating itself in my head…that became the intro to “Take My Money” and I had my nieces and nephew track the voiceover for it because I thought using kids would be just the right amount of sarcasm. So that’s it in a nutshell, the lyrics have a cheeky irreverence about them that’s almost reminiscent of political punk rock, while the vibe itself is unabashedly pop with just a bit of retro sprinkled in – each piece of the puzzle works in its own way towards making a point that could be quite terrifying just a little more lighthearted." - Ships Have Sailed

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