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"Head Right"

Breaking News: 'Head Right" selected as Audacy's "Pick Of The Week"

"Towards the end of 2018 and all throughout 2019 we were constantly on the road. In between tours I was flying to different places, meeting producers, working on songs and trying to figure out what it was we were going to do next. Most of the time I would be alone, working with someone I'd never met and going back to hotel rooms where I would usually spin out and wonder what I was doing. The truth is I didn't know what the process of writing with other people was like and felt like I needed to do it before I could say it was something that wasn't for me, or for us. Somewhere in the spring of '19 we were all in Nashville hanging out with a guy named Angelo talking about how sometimes the best way to ruin a song, life, or anything really, is to take it too seriously. That afternoon we wrote "Head Right." It was the first time in forever we had written a song, lyrics and everything, all together. We're happy to share it with you now as it represents a turning point for us as a band, a return to the basics and the feeling of writing music while not caring about much at all." - Wilderado's Maxim Helmerich

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