Behind the Song

McKenna Michels "Tired"

"Tired" was a very important song for me in developing myself as a singer/songwriter and as a person. During quarantine, especially early on, I had a lot of time to reflect on my past, how it was affecting my present, and who I wanted to be as a person moving forward. I had a lot of self doubt and a lack of motivation to do what I loved. Writing Tired brought me out of that, as it was one of the first songs I was able to write clearly and without internal conflict in a long time (at that moment). The initial draft probably took 10 minutes, which I ended up abandoning for awhile because I didn't believe my writing was anything special. A few weeks later my sister and I had a conversation and as music came up, I sent it to her and asked her opinion on what was missing from it. She rewrote all of the words and sent it back to me, and we ended up combining our versions to create the final. The finished version shocked me because it completely summed up how I had been feeling at the time. Afterwards, recording it with Jon Muq for the EP sent me on a complete creative spiral, which gave us most of the songs for the full-length album. So, without Tired, or Jon's amazing production, insights and faith in me when making the EP, I probably wouldn't be pursuing my passion right now." - McKenna Michels

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